Spectacular manicure for the New Year 2020: the best photo-novelties of design

New Year's manicure is rightfully considered one of the most striking design solutions in the nail industry. The "brightness" of New Year's manicure is determined to a greater extent not by the shade of the varnish itself, but by decorative elements, which create the main emphasis in the design of nails for the New Year.

Incredibly beautiful New Year's manicure is, first of all, a lot of shine and sparkling particles, which give the solemnity and compelling manicure on New Year's Eve.

Not always can we allow ourselves to sparkle, but it is in the new year that we must be compelling, starting with the outfit and ending with the tips of our fingers.

Therefore, do not worry about the fact that manicure for the New Year will seem too flashy or extravagant. Fashionable New Year's manicure 2020 should be spectacular, charming and brilliant in every sense!

Manicure for the New Year 2020 with glitter on individual fingers or in addition to the basic design of the New Year’s nail art’s will be fashionable and trendy.

A scattering of sparkles in kamifubuki design for the New Year or prints of foil with colorful tints will give the New Year manicure playfulness and sophistication.

In addition, colored rhinestones and pebbles, rubbing and crystal chips (crystal pixie) will help to realize the magic of nails in the New Year's style of manicure in the best possible way.

Wonderful and such a delightful fashionable nail design will complete any of your planned looks for the New Year 2020.

Do you want a boring New Year's manicure in 2020 - then art painting on the nails will be a godsend for you.

Wonderful drawings of snowmen, Christmas tree balls, Christmas trees themselves, white teddy bears, penguins and other wonderful animals will help to become the owner of a wonderful design of nails for the New Year's outfit.

The trend representations of the 2020 New Year manicure have different variations, combining the interpretation of nail techniques from familiar to newfangled.

In addition, the top ideas of New Year's design are very diverse - from minimalism to artsy and such a stunning manicure for the New Year with multiple decor elements.

Need a stylish manicure for the New Year corporate party 2020? Or a cute and unobtrusive New Year's nail art? All this and not only - is in the collection of ideas for manicure for the New Year, which are collected just below.

And now let's get acquainted with the top examples of manicure for the New Year, created for us by skillful nail masters.

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Red New Year

Red can rightfully be considered a New Year's color: red Christmas decorations, hats and Santa’s clothes, ribbons and other decor - all this looks spectacular in a red tint on New Year's. So why not make a red New Year's manicure with or without decor? Matte manicure with powder, mica, confetti, crystals will be very solemn and exciting. Red is also beautiful in corporate nail design, allowing you to add elegance and expressive notes to elegant New Year's bows. We assure you that choosing a red manicure for the New Year 2020, in any case, you definitely will not lose!

New Year's Kamifubuki

New Year's confetti - it's so fun and funny! And not only under the tree on New Year's Eve, but also on the fingers in the form of a kamifubuki in the nail design 2020. Red confetti on the transparent background of one of the fingers in the red New Year's manicure is stylishly shown. Or a gentle snow manicure for New Year 2020 with white varnish and silver kamifubuki of different sizes, creating an imitation of snow. Kamifubuki-rhombuses and circles along the marigold in one or two rows are also interesting, decorating a charming New Year's manicure for every taste.

Rubbing on the nails

Neil masters have several ways to create shine and chic on their fingers, and one of these can be rubbing. Pearl, holographic, mirror and other types of rubbing have the ability to create wonderful overflows on the nails, which are so beautiful in the New Year's nail art. We suggest you pick up the gentle tone of the varnish and create a gradient mirror shine using rubbing, as shown in the photo. The mirror shine of your fingers and manicure for the New Year 2020 will certainly attract interest, and you will not be left without attention!

Christmas stripes

Stripes are so stylish, and that’s probably why they became one of the trendy manicure designs for the New Year 2020. Chain strips made of rhinestones, foil, glitter, kamifubuki are not the whole list of stylish ideas for nail design strips for the New Year. The most beautiful ideas from the New Year's striped manicure are collected in a photo collection, where mono can find inspirational examples of New Year's nail design.

Crystals in the new year

Pebbles always remain an important component of nail design for special occasions. And just such is the celebration of the New Year, when manicure should correspond to universal triumph. How do you like the New Year’s design with crystal powder or crystal crumbs, which, along with rhinestones and broths, will allow you to perform a luxurious New Year’s design. Multi-colored or transparent will allow you to make a truly cool manicure for the New Year 2020!

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