Cheese slicing and cheese plate: how to make cheese snacks

When you are preparing a festive table or if you want to please your family with an original home-made breakfast, lunch or dinner, both culinary ideas and ideas for decorating various dishes will always come in handy, because everyone knows that a lot depends on the appearance of the food.

It has been a long time that before serving main dishes to the festive table, or if you want to treat guests with something unobtrusive but tasty, we always offer meat and vegetable snacks, as well as cheese snacks, which are usually denoted by concepts such as cheese plate or cheese slices.

And although many hostesses still believe that cheese cutting can be combined with meat or some other types of cutting, today a cheese plate and cheese cutting, due to the large availability of various cheeses, is a full-fledged type of snack, complementing its presence with a large number of other dishes, but at the same time, having special and unique taste.

Cheese plate or cheese slicing, the design of which is no less important than the design of other dishes, as a rule, consists of four or more varieties of cheese, which differ from each other in external indicators, taste, structure.

The cheese snacks that fill the cheese plate can be cut into many different ways. It all depends on the type of cheese from which the cheese will be cooked.

The cheese plate on the festive table or cheese slices as an appetizer for wine can have a completely different look, because cheese snacks are located not only in shape, but also depending on the tenderness and softness of taste or the tartness and sharpness of the cheeses.

Cheese slicing is laid out according to increasing taste: from the most tender, to the sharpest types of cheese. Cheese slices can be served not only on a plate, but also on a wooden board.

A cheese plate is made out not only of different types of cheese. To make cheese snacks even more appetizing and attractive, and their taste more original and interesting, cheese slices can be supplemented with different types of fruits, nuts, berries.

A cheese plate can be decorated with mint leaves, coffee beans, cookies and other ingredients.

Each housewife can have a cheese plate decorated in her original ways, because a caring mother and a home-keeper knows what cheese snacks and their combinations are preferred by her guests and household.

A cheese plate will be a very appropriate appetizer for wine, therefore, deciding to drink a bottle of good wine, cheese snacks will be very welcome.

Note that a cheese plate, in particular cheese snacks, does not go well with all kinds of fruits.

In order not to distort the taste of cheese, it is better to refuse citrus fruits, but cheese slicing with pear, grapes, and figs is very well combined.

Cheese snacks can be supplemented with berries, pineapple slices, kiwi slices, cherries. Even avocados can give a spicy taste and amazing look to your cheese snacks.

To make your cheese plate beautiful, tasty and healthy, do not forget about nuts. Use walnuts to decorate and create unusual flavors. Also, cheese slices can be supplemented with almonds.

Cheese plate on the festive table: decoration, cheese, secrets

Remember that the cheese plate includes different types of cheese, which means that it is very important that the cheese is arranged according to the taste sequence.

Cheese snacks can be cut into slices, cubes, slices, made from cheese slices canapes and other types of snacks.

Remember that a cheese plate is not just chopped cheese snacks. If everything is done correctly, then in the center should be the softest and most tender varieties of cheese, and on the edges harder, with a sharp and pungent taste.

Culinary experts advise against spreading cheese snacks too tightly if you combine different types of cheese.

A cheese plate is prepared an hour before the feast. After the cheese slicing is ready, take a film and cover the cooked cheese snacks, removing it twenty minutes before serving, but not in the refrigerator, but at room temperature so that the cheese reveals its flavor.

Cheese assortment may include such varieties of cheeses as gorgonzola, roquefort, dorblu, tuyere, d’amber.

Types of cheeses such as ricotta, mozzarella and feta should definitely appear on your holiday table.

Delicious cheese snacks in the form of brie and camembert cheeses; bergkese, parmesan will be appreciated by real gourmets.

Many will like a cheese plate with cheeses in the likeness of Munster, Telziter, Havarti.

We also advise you to pay attention to such types of cheese as emmental, maasdam; bergkeze, parmesan; goat and sheep’s cheese; Cheddar.

It is clear that there are a lot of named varieties of cheese, and the cheese plate should not include all of them.

Nevertheless, you can choose five or six options from the presented list, thereby delighting guests with a very tasty and healthy dairy snack.

Note that cheese snacks from the above cheeses can differ in the way they are sliced ​​and even in the device with which you will cut the cheese, so in advance, decide how to make a cheese plate.

There are many ways to make cheese snacks, and what a cheese plate may be. We have collected a photo, which shows cheese slices made in different ways.

Here you will see ideas on how to make cheese appetizers beautifully, which will be useful to you if you need a cheese plate for a festive table or cheese snacks for a picnic, wine, etc.

Bon appetit and beautiful culinary experiments.

Cheese plate: photo of cheese slicing - design ideas


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