Fish slicing and fish platter - photo, design of slicing fish

Beautifully decorated holiday table is one of the main components of a successful celebration.

The taste qualities of food, of course, remain in the first place, but the appearance of the dishes plays a huge role in the presentation and design of the feast.

Today we will consider beautiful slices of fish, which, along with other types of slices, are always appropriate on the festive table as a tasty and healthy snack.

Fish slicing, fish plate, as well as fish snacks and fish platter - these are the names you will meet if you want to find interesting and exclusive ways to design fish.

To make slices of fish, it is worth knowing some subtleties and culinary secrets that will help you create a stunning fish assortment, thereby satisfying the taste and appearance of snacks for invited guests.

Fish slices can include either one or several varieties of fish. Also, fish slices are decorated and complemented by vegetables, creating an amazing and delicate taste, as well as a flawless and original look.

According to the rules of serving dishes, fish slices and fish platter are located on the festive table at the beginning.

Fish slices should be cooked shortly before serving. So that the sliced ​​fish snacks do not lose their freshness and do not lose their appetizing appearance, after the fish slicing is ready, use a plastic film that will help preserve the taste and appearance of the sliced ​​fish, as well as prevent the influence of extraneous odors on your fish assortment.

Fish slices require the use of sharp knives so that the slice is even and the pieces of fish are thin and neat.

Fish snacks can be cut into small pieces, strips, rings, plates, which can be laid out in different ways, simulating a fish composition on a festive table, depending on the number and type of fish and other components.

Fish slicing and fish platter: decoration of fish snacks in the best traditions of culinary art

As we have already said, fish slices can consist only of red, white, smoked fish, or be combined with other components that make the taste of snacks more interesting.

A beautiful fish assortment will only win if you supplement it with brightly colored slices of lemon and lime, decorate fish snacks with fresh herbs and olives, and also decide to arrange a fish plate with apple slices.

Note that fish assortment is not only fish, but also other types of seafood, for example, shrimp, caviar, mussels, so you need to place all the sliced ​​fish components so that they are clearly visible and easy to take.

Fish slicing from different types of fish will only benefit if you arrange fish snacks according to color combinations.

Each species of fish has its own specific color, so you will certainly get a beautiful multi-colored fish assortment.

It is also beautiful to lay out fish snacks in the form of a circle, a rainbow, arrange fish snacks in paths or sectors.

Recently, fish snacks are increasingly served in the form of small sandwiches, which have a delicate and light taste, and look very appetizing.

A fish plate may include fish species such as salmon (lightly salted), halibut. You can also cut smoked fish, add assorted sprats, etc.

A new way to cook fish snacks is to cut the fish with crackers in the oven.

Unusual and beautiful fish slices will appeal to many, because such fish snacks will harmoniously look both on the festive table and at the buffet table.

Separately, we draw your attention to the fact that fish snacks need to be served on a beautiful white plate or a special board for serving snacks.You can also use plates that are in harmony with the style and design of your table.

Fish slices can be decorated in the form of flowers, original canapes on skewers, rolled pieces, etc.

How you get fish slices and fish platter depends on your imagination and desire.

We suggest you look at the wonderful ideas of slicing fish, which will be useful to you in the process of designing fish snacks.

How to arrange fish platter: fish slicing original presentation, new ideas, amazing design


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