Solid manicure - a classic that will never go out of style

Probably, many will say that a plain manicure is corny, and you will not surprise anyone with such a design.

Nevertheless, from year to year, many women continue to choose a plain manicure, perfecting and modernizing a plain nail design with new ideas.

Today we have selected for you a fashionable plain manicure in the gallery "Fashionable solid manicure 2019-2020", which shows, in our opinion, the best plain nail art.

You are looking for a one-color manicure for short nails, you need a beautiful one-color manicure of dark color, you want a one-color nail design with a twist - only here you will find wonderful ideas for nail art in monochrome, saving that you will forget about the need to look for something new.

Solid manicure 2019-2020 for every taste: ideas, colors, textures of stylish nail art

If you are an active, purposeful woman, choose simple, but at the same time original outfits in a romantic and classic style, a youth casual, luxurious retro, a plain manicure will be just right for you, because they will not ruin any outfit.

A business woman will also like this type of nail art, because you will not find a more practical solution.

Fashionable plain manicure 2019-2020 looks beautiful, both on almond-shaped, oval, and on square and sharp nails.

As for length, a plain manicure looks elegant on long nails, but it is more practical to prefer short nails in monochrome.

Note that a plain manicure for short nails can be considered universal, because it can be created both for work, walk, rest, and for a special occasion, holiday.

In either case, you will look appropriate, stylish, and your monophonic design of nails in one color or another will certainly be combined with your outfit.

Solid manicure, like any other type of design, is best created with gel polish.

Solid manicure 2019-2020, made by gel varnishes, is more reliable in all variations, no problems with leaving, justifies the money spent.

Each season has its own current palette colors. Fashionable shades cannot but affect the plain manicure, which, depending on the current palette of shades, pleases girls and women with new ideas and color combinations.

So, in the spring-summer season, a fashionable solid manicure 2019-2020 will sparkle with pastel, nude shades, in favor all shades of pink, especially its gentle and sensual tones, white, blue, turquoise, lavender, yellow, peach, orange, mint, lilac, etc. .d.

Nature gives us brightness, tenderness, saturation, warmth of shades, so why not display all this beauty in a manicure.

But in the fall and winter, a plain manicure will succinctly and restraintly support the trend of comfort and coziness, enveloping the nails with calmer, muffled, although very impressive shades, such as blue, green, burgundy, purple black, coffee, etc.

Fashionable plain manicure 2019-2020: possible surface options

Plain manicure has long ceased to be associated with simply painted nails in one shade.

Sometimes, implying a monophonic design of nails, the master offers you a completely original and unique solution to manicure, which is impossible to refuse.

Firstly, a plain manicure can be made with gel polish or shellac. Both techniques allow you to admire manicure for a long time without having to visit the master.

Secondly, a plain manicure can be made glossy, or can be done on a matte basis, removing the luster and radiance of the varnish, and giving the nail art a noble, luxurious look. Matte monophonic manicure in dark shades looks especially beautiful.

In addition, the fashionable monophonic design 2019-2020 can be made using a special powder, put a flock on the nail plate, used beads or glitter to decorate the nails.

Just glitter, beads, rhinestones are used in very small quantities, mainly on one nail, to make a small highlight in a plain manicure.

Typically, such techniques are relevant for creating an elegant, evening, festive monophonic nail art.

A plain manicure is often combined with other techniques, decorating one or two nails with another type of manicure, for example, a french jacket, moonlight, flower, etc. A contrasting combination of colors in a monochrome looks gorgeous.

You can diversify the monophonic design of manicure, the main thing is that the basic idea of ​​monochromeness is preserved.

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