Beautiful sausage slices: photo ideas how to make sausage slices

Well, no housewife who cooks dishes for the festive table can do without sausage slices.

Sausage slices are traditionally present among appetizers, pleasing not only with a beautiful appearance, but also with a pleasant taste.

More than one housewife agrees with us that sausage is a favorite snack of almost everyone, both among adults and among children.

If, in addition to other snacks, there are sausage slices on your table, a good start to the feast is guaranteed.

Sausage snacks have long ceased to be commonplace and of the same type. Today, many hardworking hostesses, along with professional chefs of famous restaurants offer their ideas for sausage slicing, laying out original examples on the network of what sausage slicing can be.

That is why sausage slices, as well as other types of slices on the festive table, become more interesting, unusual, and their taste, undoubtedly, positively affects the impression of the table from invited guests.

Today we have prepared for you slices of sausages of various varieties, presented in our photo collection "Sausage slices".

We will show that sausage slices in the original presentation will be a wonderful decoration for any table, whether it is a dinner party, buffet or birthday.

Sausage slices: design, ideas, tips

To prepare slices from sausage, you need to arm yourself with a sharp knife, evenly and thinly slicing a delicious snack, or purchase a slister for slicing sausages always with the same and even slices. If your imagination has no chapels, make sausage slices with curly knives.

Sausage slices can only be composed of sausages, and can be combined with other types of snacks, among which are, for example, cheese, ham, bacon, boiled pork and other types of meat delicacies.

Sausage slices in slices, slices, stripes and circles, hearts and stars form original ideas for the design of the sausage composition, because in the same way you can cut other ingredients, creating an unusual version of the sausage snack on the festive table.

To make sausage slices impressed with taste, take boiled pork, smoked, boiled, dry-cured sausage, and cut them in one or the different options.

Sausage slices can not only be laid out by the above-mentioned methods, but also form small canapes, original roses and figures from pieces of sausage products, which looks very appetizing and interesting.

Also, sausage assortment goes very well with cheese slicing and slicing other meat gastronomy.

Chefs recommend slicing the sausage into slices of 0.3 cm. The sausage slicing will look great if you prepare it shortly before serving.

If you do not have time to make fresh sausage slices, the cling film will save the situation by carefully preserving your sausage composition from extraneous odors and loss of an attractive appearance.

It is imperative to remove the film. It is easier to do this from frozen sausage. Cooks are advised to remove the film from cooked and dried sausages, after holding it for several minutes in cold water or in the freezer.

Slices of sausage can be laid out according to the color gradation of the ingredients. Sausage cutting around - the usual design of sausage and meat snacks.

It is more original to make sausage slices in the form of a delicious bouquet, basket, vertical lines.

Also, sausage snacks are beautifully decorated in the form of rolls, in the form of a hedgehog, flower, heart, butterfly, etc.

Sausage slices will only benefit if you supplement them with fresh herbs, vegetables that are bright in taste and color, for example, juicy tomato, bright cucumber, olives, onions.

combine sausages well with cheese and other meat snacks. Also, sausage slices can be decorated with fruits.

Sausage slices are an excellent material for creating a wide variety of imitations of flowers.

Sausage roses, chrysanthemums will decorate your table, giving it a particularly festive and mouth-watering look.

Sausage slices can also be laid out with slides of different types of sausages, cheese, vegetables.

Especially for you, we offer you to see assorted sausages, where beautiful and unusual culinary and decorative solutions are presented, how to arrange sausage slices. Good appetite.

We make sausage slicing: the best examples and photos of the idea of ​​slicing sausages.

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