Inspirational trends of spring nail design 2019-2020: the best photo news

Spring renewal of nature forces us to update and replenish our wardrobe with new products, refresh the image and, of course, pay special attention to the fashionable and stylish nail design for the new spring season.

With the onset of sunny and warm days, I really want lightness and airiness that are embodied in fashionable spring nail art and beautiful manicure for the spring in the season 2019-2020.

The top novelties of manicure with each new season are becoming more and more surprising and charming, allowing girls to find that “same” irresistible and coveted nail design. The new-fashioned manicure 2019-2020 in fresh solutions will be able to become a wonderful solution for each individual case.

Leading nail experts prepared interesting and not boring solutions for designing a manicure design for spring using bright decorative tools, the most relevant techniques and approaches to creating the most fashionable spring manicure 2019-2020.

It is about such a fashionable and unusually colorful spring manicure that we will tell today in this review, devoted only to the most fashionable trends and the latest trends in the design of manicure for spring.

Fashionable nails for the spring season 2019-2020 in amazing lilac, violet, mint, pink, peach, powdery, milk, blue and blue will be inspiring.

We will be pleased with the new ideas of floral spring nail art, which is so unpredictable in its embodiment. Spring will turn out to be unusually tender nails design with kamifubuki, foil, pixie crystals, "negative space".

Inspirational examples of fashionable spring ombre will not go unnoticed. Also looks amazing spring manicure in the style of minimalism and geometry, demonstrating the best laconic spring nail designs.

The main trend of nail designs in the spring season 2019-2020 will be twigs, leaflets, as well as faces in the eye see you nail design. Floral motifs of the spring decor of nails will also not go unnoticed.

Having added a little shine in the form of rhinestones, foil, glitter and rub for manicure, you can create a chic evening manicure for the spring in a festive performance.

For young ladies who crave a trendy spring fashion manicure in a new version, it is worth looking at fashion abstraction for spring, interesting gradient manicure techniques in new approaches, as well as a combined spring manicure will become a trend in nail design for the spring season 2019-2020.

More new products with photo examples and the best top ideas of spring manicure 2019-2020, we will show you more ...

Amazing blue spring manicure.

The main shade of the season will be blue, which captivates with its depth and attractiveness. Wanting to achieve an extraordinary effect on your fingers with a fashionable spring design, be sure to use blue shades, such as blue cobalt for spring nail design. And so that he plays in all its glory on the nails this spring, add purple or violet shades, orange or white color of nails, allowing you to diversify any spring manicure in blue for the 2019-2020 season.

Fashionable nails with foil

Decorative products for nails have many representations, but one of the top ones for spring will be foil for manicure. In your arsenal there may also be translated, squeezed, rainbow strips, strips and pieces in the form of “broken glass” or kamifubuki. Every fashion spring manicure with foil It will become super stylish and spectacular, captivating with bright spring nails.

Spring ombre manicure

An ombre will become a hit this spring, which has many approaches in its embodiment, allowing you to create the most amazing manicure for the spring of 2019-2020.Exciting and popular will be the spring gradient on the nails in the style of stripes and lines, the gradient from nail to nail, newfangled ombre manicure not the whole nail, but only in a small area in the form of an island. Wonderful fashionable spring ombre with flowers, rhinestone designgraphic patterns.

Tender pastel for spring

Each new spring season offers us fresh designs using pastel colors, which are themselves gentle and cute. Super-tender manicure for spring in pastel colors can be performed in monochrome on nails, in the style of ombre, geometry, minimalism, without overburdening with a complex and intricate design in the spring. Micro-flowers, a couple of “air flowers” ​​drawings, abstract strokes or a couple of romantic monograms will set the tone for the most fashionable spring design with pastel shades.

Spring "negative space"

Translucent and seemingly not stained nails in the negative space fashion style will become a fashionable solution for the spring manicure 2019-2020. You can interpret the fashionable negative space manicure in spring nail design with the color block manicure, flowers and geometry. Looks great spring manicure with negative space and minimalism style.

Flower manicure spring

Lovely flowers will also accompany us in a trendy manicure for the spring of 2019-2020, but only in completely new and fresh performances. Mini flowers in the form of buds and twigs, large and unusual, airy and minimalistic prints in a fashionable spring manicure will become a fashionable component of many nail designs for spring.

Gentle spring minimalism

Simplicity and conciseness, which are so inherent in the trend of minimalism in the design of fashionable nails for the spring of 2019-2020, are always remarkable and unusual. Fashionable spring minimalism on the nails never boring, ideal for the office and original in its own way. As a design for spring design, "minimalism" plant motifs, graphics, origami are suitable.

Funny spring manicure

A cheerful and playful manicure in the spring will seem, perhaps, not serious and frivolous, but this spring everything is possible! Bunnies with cute fluffy ponytails, bright lips and desserts, ice cream, pink flamingos, wonderful squirrels will be a fun and effective solution for the spring design of a fashionable manicure 2019-2020 in an unusual solution.

Laconic geometry

Graphic motifs look unpretentious and more than concise, allowing you to wear a similar fashionable spring manicure in the office to complete a business outfit and wherever you wish. Decorate the megastile spring geometry manicure with shiny mica, a couple of strips of foil or pieces of foil resembling glass, which will amazingly transform your fashionable spring nail art.

Matte Spring Manicure

Restraint, color depth and attractiveness are inherent in top-end manicure innovations in a matte solution for the spring of 2019-2020. Made with contrasting fingers with glitter, gradient, holes and negative space, geometry, as well as any other fashionable spring manicure will be delightful in the style of matte effect on the nails this spring.

Spring manicure in new solutions: fashion trends and the latest trends in spring nail design 2019-2020 are shown in the photo

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