Top images with scarves 2019-2020: how and with what to wear a scarf - photo ideas

With the advent of colds, the need immediately arises to warm up, and the colder it is on the street, the more important is the role of not only the basic autumn-winter wardrobe, but also outerwear, as well as accessories.

For fall and winter, accessories in the form of hats and trend scarves, which make it possible to wonderfully complete the image, and also play an important role in warming.

In addition to the direct purpose, fashion scarves in the 2019-2020 season play an important aesthetic role, allowing you to harmonize the look in any style, make it more concise and complete.

But in addition to the cold season, trendy scarves gained popularity in the warmer period, however strange it may be.

Increasingly, you can meet fashionistas with scarves, both thin and hypersize in the spring-summer period, which once again proves the relevance and importance of such an accessory as a scarf.

The trendy scarves demonstrated by couturiers 2019-2020 can have different shapes, styles and textures from which they are made. You will meet the top new scarves from cashmere, pashmina, wool, silk, chiffon, satin and other materials, which will make fashionable scarves amazing accenting elements of your sets.

Quite often you can meet a total look’s, in which fashionable scarves correspond to the whole image or tandems of a scarf, sweaters or outerwear in one color scheme, such as gray, brown, beige colors.

And if we are talking about the shades of trendy scarves, then you can choose stunning scarves with bright color tandems, deep shades or even scarves of a neutral palette.

To a greater extent, the choice of a megastyle scarf will be determined by outerwear and its shades: if it is bright, then the scarf should be looked at in a calm palette, you can safely pick up incredibly amazing scarves in color for monophonic things in the 2019-2020 season.

How and with what it is worth and it is possible to wear scarves of different styles, we suggest to consider photos in our collection.

Examples of fashionable bloggers from around the world in urban-style images, romantic sets, sport chic and casual looks with fashionable scarves will help to create your pretty bow with a scarf for the 2019-2020 season.

We tried to collect diverse models of scarves in a fashionable solution that will help you complete both classic tandems and unusual sets with scarves for any season.

Amazing images with scarves and coats, jackets, jackets, fur vests, scarves in tandem with hats, as well as scarves with sweaters, dresses and as a cape, acting as outerwear.

We offer you to learn the trendy ideas of sets with scarves for autumn and winter, as well as for spring. Top new scarves are selected in our collection. And now we will show the TOP-7 examples of scarves 2019-2020 in different styles for your inspiration.

Scarf snood

Mega-fashion solutions of a scarf and hat are at the same time a snud that was so fond of pretty young ladies at different ages due to their incredible practicality and versatility. Snood is beautiful as a hair cape, with a hat in tandem or alone with a coat, jackets, parkas and sheepskin coats.

Quite often, 2019-2020 scarf-snoods are distinguished by textured knitting, as well as a bright, incredibly delicate or deep shade of a snood. But you can also meet thin knitted snoods, which will be a great idea for images for fall-winter. Stunning snuds always look megastile in any style, warming and at the same time giving a special charm.

Oversized Scarf

Large scarves will be very popular for winter and cold autumn, giving even more images of girls fragility and elegance.Voluminous scarves with mega-knit or cashmere, allowing you to hide completely and completely behind the scarf, will not let you freeze even in the most severe frost. Scarves are worn in this style on top of all clothing, wrapped several times around the neck, creating bright and catchy outfits with voluminous scarves 2019-2020.

Knitted scarves

Knitwear and knitwear are becoming increasingly popular, and not only when warm days give way to cold. Increasingly, knitted clothes are found in fashionistas' wardrobes all year round. The trendy 2019-2020 knitted scarves also have a considerable army of their admirers, who truly prefer knitted and such spectacular scarves. Beautiful gradient colors, cage, stripes and knitted patterns will make knitted scarves indisputable favorites in the cold season 2019-2020.

Thin scarves

Delightful for completing sets in the business style and for the office, as well as many others, will be long thin knitted or chiffon scarves that look extremely concise, restrained and sophisticated. Need to complement a suit or shirt, blouse, sweatshirt? A thin scarf 2019-2020 will be the best solution in these outfits. Animal prints, abstraction or monochrome will be the trend of thin scarves of autumn-winter, spring-summer seasons.

Cashmere scarves

Megastile outlets in a set in a coat will be even more charming with cashmere scarves - elegant accessories for the cold season 2019-2020. Noble and deep shades of wine, bottle, burgundy, chocolate and cream tones will make cashmere scarves matchless in any look. Check the cashmere scarves with a checkered print. A cashmere trendy scarf will wonderfully complement not only a coat, but also sheepskin coats, fur coats and jackets.

Printed Scarves

Top novelties of scarves are largely distinguished by spectacular prints that will help set the tone and emphasize gray and nondescript tandems, transforming your look before your eyes. Neon shades, deep and rich shades, contrast allow each print to play in a fashionable scarf in a completely different way. The cell in all its richness of species, stripes of different widths, abstract patterns, ethnic style, predatory patterns will bring fresh notes and unusual to your images.

Silk scarves

A silk scarf tied beautifully and with a chic neck will be a trendy element of any style. And until recently, elegant silk scarves were the prerogative of older women or ladies who prefer classics in style, but today everything has changed. Ultra-stylish urban looks and casual style boldly suggests wearing silk scarves with sweatshirts, tops and blouses.

Trendy scarves 2019-2020: trends and trends of top scarves in different solutions - photo

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