Fashionable manicure minimalism - photos, ideas, trends, news

Probably, many women caring for their nails and having a good taste often want simplicity and accuracy in manicure as opposed to chic patterns and voluminous patterns with rhinestones, beads and other elements.

If you also like a sleek nail design, we offer a minimalist nail design. Minimalism on the nails is one of the main nail art trends 2019-2020.

Luxurious drawings with paintings, voluminous sculptures, whole paintings on the nails, of course, deserve respect, but we all understand that such a nail design is very uncomfortable and impractical in everyday life, which puts minimalism on the nails on the first line of the best ideas for manicure.

For those who have not yet managed to evaluate manicure minimalism, we decided to demonstrate a minimalist nail design 2019-2020 in the best ideas in this direction.

Fashion manicure minimalism 2019-2020: trends and trends, features

Minimalism manicure is exactly what many women were looking for, because it looks natural, neat and appropriate for all cases.

Nail art professionals have proposed an innovative look at 2019-2020 minimalism manicure, highlighting the best minimalist solutions that blend perfectly with everyday and evening bows.

Manicure minimalism welcomes restraint in execution, a minimum of details and components, sophisticated design elements.

Allowed a calm color scheme, pastel, or dark, muted shades.

The trend is black, white, gray, beige manicure minimalism, etc. Bright shades can only be used if diluted with white, which makes them less catchy.

The minimalist design is suitable for small nails, it will be appropriate for nails of a long oval, sharp, square shape.

With a concise and simple nail design, you will feel harmonious, dressing any things in a particular style.

Fashionable minimalism on nails is realized both on gloss and on matte varnishes. Note that matte nails in dark shades are a beautiful, sophisticated option. White matte nails in a minimalist style looks fresh and gentle.

You can perform such a sophisticated design with ordinary varnishes, as well as resistant shellac and gel varnishes.

Manicure minimalism 2019-2020: concise geometry

Today, one of the most successful techniques that implement manicure minimalism is stylish geometry.

Thanks to the conciseness of the geometric pattern, manicure minimalism looks neat and restrained, and the design of the nails is very stylish.

Minimalism geometric manicure can combine up to three shades, several simple shapes, or lines in different locations, original options for combining a monophonic surface and a geometric pattern.

The most successful application of geometry in minimalism is a manicure with a strip, or one square, a small triangle on the nails.

Minimalism manicure 2019-2020: micro-clogs and minimalist drawings

Minimalism on the nails also allows patterns and drawings, only they are executed in very tiny sizes, or stretched across all the nails, creating an interesting and unusual nail art composition.

Minimalism 2019-2020 manicure can be performed with small dots, stripes, flowers, twigs, delicate and delicate patterns, bored lonely on one of the nails, and as if expecting something bright and rich.

But no, in minimalism, catchy shades are not so relevant, so a stylish manicure minimalism will be just that - simple, no frills.

Refined manicure minimalism 2019-2020 in classic techniques

Masters unanimously believe that manicure minimalism 2019-2020 is, first of all, a monochrome nail design, French minimalism on nails and moon art of nail art.

And we are talking about the traditional design, which is offered to women in black, white, gray, blue, green, beige, purple, burgundy.

Minimalism options with Negative Space, smiles, holes in the form of ovals and triangles are also relevant.

Minimalism on nails 2019-2020 can combine classic techniques in one design, but without excessiveness in details

Minimalism manicure 2019-2020: floristic theme

Flawless manicure in a minimalist style, when the nails are decorated with exquisite and delicate flowers, twigs, leaves in a small amount.

Such a manicure minimalism 2019-2020 will be appropriate in all seasons, so you should not worry about its relevance.

The ideal option would be minimalism manicure in a single-color design with flowers or twigs on one nail.

Our photo collection shows minimalist manicure in floristic themes, so you can pick up some beautiful author's examples for yourself.

Minimalism manicure 2019-2020: stylish ombre

The laconic and stylish design includes fashionable manicure and minimalism using the ombre technique.

This design will appeal to many, because restrained notes are combined with an unusual way of applying varnishes, which looks interesting and unusual along with simpler techniques.

The bold and refreshing minimalism ombre 2019-2020 is an option for those who like a light and unobtrusive design, but always want something original. Ombre minimalism manicure can be vertical, horizontal, angular.

Minimalism on the nails beautifully combines the technique of ombre and French in one version, which is very successful for a stylish evening look of a real lady.

Minimalism manicure 2019-2020: sophisticated accent for perfect design

Successful examples of minimalism include nail design in a monophonic design, but with an emphasis on one nail, or through one.

It is interesting that anything can be painted on one of the nails, the main thing is that the minimalist drawing or the pattern is as concise and restrained as possible.

The masters also advise decorating minimalism on the nails with literally one or two pebbles or beads, which looks amazing in a modest evening and wedding manicure.

A drawing stretched to all nails, cute stems, delicate patterns in the form of wavy and vertical lines and the absence of any bulky elements - which could be more ideal as a universal option.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas. You can undoubtedly be able to choose the best in the spirit of minimalism by browsing our super collection.

Minimalism of nails 2019-2020: photos, news, best examples

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